Instantly check 600 million unique criminal and eviction records from over 1,400 different nationwide databases including National Sex Offender Registry, FBI’s Most Wanted List, and the Terrorist Watch List.

Criminals and “squatters” are good at covering their tracks by using aliases, lying about address history, and faking documents. We expose the liars with our free eviction background check.

Instant Multi-Jurisdictional Scan

Court records, arrest data, warrants, and more – all at your fingertips. VerticalRent’s proprietary search algorithms use powerful technology and extensive cross-referencing to uncover the truth during your free background check for tenants.

High Quality Reporting

We ensure accuracy, timeliness, and completeness of your criminal and eviction reports in the tenant background check. Our team is certified by the Consumer Data Industry Association (CDIA) to provide an added level of assurance in reducing false-positive records.

Historical Address Tracing

Our search examines billions of current and historical name and address records to develop a more complete picture of an applicant’s historical residential leasing behaviors.

Immediate Results For “No Hit” Searches

With a free background check, get your criminal or eviction report immediately when our proprietary search engine pulls back zero results – giving you the ability to make an on-the-spot leasing decision. You can rest assured that when our search engine gives you an “all clear” (no hits), we have exhausted all possible data sources.

Total Commitment to Legal Compliance

We are committed to legal compliance, privacy, and nondisclosure. We constantly monitor sources of legislation in the U.S. and apply informational “filters” to our criminal or eviction reports. Every report is compliant with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).

Cutting-Edge Software Technology

We’ve got you covered with the FBI’s Most Wanted List, National Sex Offender Registry, Terrorist Watch List, along with our 600 million criminal and eviction records across the state and federal levels. Our nationwide sex offender search is a 50-state search and included in every free background check for tenants.

SSN Verification

Every eviction report includes SSN verification, the issuing state, and the issuing year. Based on SSN verification, we are able to scour billions of additional records to develop a comprehensive picture of your tenant’s background check.

Landlord-Tenant Dispute Records

We scour tens of millions of landlord-tenant records, the largest compilation of its kind. Our eviction reports include this critical information not available through credit reports alone.

CDIA FCRA Certified Customer Support

You have a choice when it comes to a tenant screening company for a free background check. Since 2011, 20,000+ independent landlords, brokers, and property managers use our service daily and count on our customer success team when needed.

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