Tenant Verification Service for Landlords, Property Managers, and Real Estate Agents starts with Free Property Manager. Start Screening Now!

Free Property Manager, a leader in landlord tenant screening, is the only property management software that provides online tenant screening services without a mandatory onsite inspection. VerticalRent’s background and tenant credit report data is used by more than 10,000 landlords, brokers, and property managers across the United States. Request a rental credit check at no-cost to you.

Invite an applicant by e-mail or SMS text to share their Experian® credit report. One-click Accept or Decline with an adverse action notice keeps you compliant


► Analyze credit score factors

Understand at-a-glance whether your applicant is financially viable with score factors. Each score factor gives you an idea of how your applicant or future tenant manages their money. Gain a better understanding of whether this applicant is likely to pay rent on-time every month.

► Full Experian® credit report with summary

Drill-down into the specifics of each applicant’s credit report. View names, addresses, employers, installment accounts, revolving accounts, and inquiries. We provide you with a summary view as well.

► No monthly processing minimums

Request a single credit report to fill an efficiency suite vacancy or use VerticalRent for you tenant screening business that processes 10,000 applications a month. We don’t penalize the small landlord who needs us once a year.

► No physical on-site inspection

Stay FCRA-compliant with our direct-to-consumer tenant screening model. Every applicant shares their credit report with you directly – bypassing the need for a physical on-site inspection. Fully secure and perfect for small landlords seeking an affordable and easy-to-use screening platform.

► Check current and previous addresses

Easily check if your applicant is telling the truth on their rental application by comparing it up against address information on their credit report.

► Check current and previous employers

Quickly verify that an applicant is employed by information on their credit report. You can use this information with the rental application to verify employment status.

► Review payment history and revolving credit

We provide everything from mortgage details to collection account details. Knowing whether your applicant pays their other bills on time is the strongest indicator of a reliable or unreliable tenant!

► View public record filings

Know whether an applicant has filed bankruptcy, has tax liens, or evictions on their record. We pull their public record filings into each credit report and provide it to you in the detailed view.

► Notify applicant with decisions

Keep your applicant informed every step of the way with our notification workflow. Click approve or decline — we help you handle the rest.

► Accept and move-in a tenant

No need to re-type everything. Accept and you’re done. We take the rental application information and populate it into VerticalRent and even get you started on the state-specific lease agreement.

► Decline with an adverse action letter

Select the criterion for denial and we generate the adverse action letter for you. You can print off the adverse action letter and mail it to the applicant, or reply back to their e-mail with the adverse action letter attached.*

*An adverse action letter is a legal requirement when you deny an applicant housing due to something you found on their consumer report.

► Start a state-specific lease agreement

We take you from rental app to lease agreement in a few minutes after accepting the applicant. In this short period, you can review an applicant, make a decision, generate a lease, and have it signed and filed away!