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Full Experian® or TransUnion® Credit Reports. No applicant involvement required Obtain applicant FICO score in seconds! No minimums, no contracts, no worries. background and tenant credit report data is used by more than 10,000 landlords, brokers, and property managers across the United States. Request a rental credit check at no-cost to you.


Criminals and "squatters" are good at covering their tracks by using aliases, lying about address history, and faking documents. We expose the liars with our free eviction background check.


Improve Cash Flow, Reduce Risk Stop accepting paper rent checks in the mail. Our financial ledger stays up-to-date with each monthly rent payment online. Set your lease terms, invite your tenants by e-mail, and relax.


Advertise and screen new tenants in a few minutes. Easily create a rental listing and syndicate across the web. You can collect rental applications, run tenant screening reports, and charge application fees. With lead autoreply, you can keep the conversation flowing while rental applications stack-up! Did they pass your tenant screening criterion? Take it a step further by scheduling a walk-through of the rental property.

Agent of Record Service

Hawaii Registered Agent Service allows you to rent when you don't live on the same Island.
$400.00 per year
No Percentage of rent

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